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Shez Life Story

First Litter

Chapter 8

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Shez First Litter

It is the 10 th April 2003 at 3 AM in the morning. Shez keeps wanting to be let outside for toilet but each time nothing happens and she comes back inside. She is very restless and wont keep still nor did she eat her food earlier. I go to sleep for what seems like 1 minute I wake up to the sound of a pup crying. Half asleep I look at her and think well I will check she is ok and go back to bed. I check her out on the other side of the bed and she seems OK. Then I notice a dead pup in the bean bag on my side of the bed and when I go back to where she is there is another pup dead against the bed still in its sack. This is disaster. 

She starts to have another pup, but she cant pass it out.  I help her with her pup but it is born dead.  We try resuscitation but it does not work, except for liquid comes out its nose. The 4th  Pup comes and she manages it on her own. Now she has more contractions, about 4 minutes pass and then another Pup arrives half way. I check the pup can breath by putting my finger in its mouth and when it starts to move its mouth I then grab hold of it and pull it out of her and give it to her. Shortly after another pup half way she needs help with. I break the skin stopping it from breathing and pull it out with difficulty. With help she finally ends up with 3 pups. We are upset we lost 3 of them but at least we still got 3. The 3 that died where very large compared to the others. 

After cleaning up we reckon there is at least 2 to go, but half an hour passes and nothing so we presume that's it. She decides she wants to go outside, so I let her out. She tries to poop but cant, then I notice a pup hanging out of her. I check its mouth is free, this one is so still, no movement, I pull the pup out and it pops out with a whoosh of liquid. I take it inside, call her to follow and put it down with the others. It still is not moving so I prod it and it gives a sign of life. She cleans it and it does what pups do, goes for food. Suddenly  without warning pops a pup out, all on her little own. I clean up again and put them all together. We now have 5 little babies. They are so small and so cute.

Now a new problem. She wont stay with them. She feeds them then takes a break for far too long. I force her back but soon after she is off again. After no night sleep I decide to put them in a shoe box and take them to bed with me. They go all content and quiet and we get at least 4 hours sleep, then  I give them back to her. She is pleased to see them and does what mums do. At least she knows what to do, that is a surprise after all, her whole life is a ball, eating and car rides, could not imagine her a mum. 

Now since her pups she wont eat and is still dropping far too much blood. She has not eaten last night.

It is Day 2. She still does not eat, but got some food into her after it was cooked and she had dry. She is looking after the pups much better now. Does not abandon them for long periods. They are looking good so feeding ok,

Day three is Saturday and she is still not wanting to eat. Took her to the Vet and she got a injection to stop the bleeding and a shot of  antibiotics with tablets. By afternoon I got some puppy dry food into her and she ate some of the chicken mince. This evening I gave her the same with some milk mixed in and she ate better. She is still bleeding allot. Hopefully it will stop by tomorrow or she will need x-ray Monday.

As I am writing the Sam story Shez has arrived under the table, the pups are screaming and wow she just went back to them. She is still panting and bleeding which is a worry.

Another day Sunday now and Shez still will not eat. We get some food into her but she nibbles a bit and then stops, not enough for herself or growing pups. Still bleeding heavy but a bit of improvement. Well Surprise, it is 10 pm and she is getting appetite back. Ignored the pups for a few hours, in fact she got up on the bed to check them as they crying, made a mess on the bed again, we got no bedding left she has messed it all now. She came here to the computer room under the table. We put the pups in a bigger shoe box cause they now too big for the first one and they went to sleep. 

She went back to them now after her long break, well she made a fuss telling us she wanted them. She is driving us crazy.

Monday 14 April 2003 and She is looking much better and getting her appetite back. The bleeding has almost stopped, she is even more possessive of the pups and wont leave them. There is one real complainer pup that cries all hell for everything and its one real big fatty. They are growing real fast. What a performance to get her to leave them to even go toilet.  Every time she goes outside she crawls into her dugout for a few minutes then goes toilet or back in to the pups. 

Wednesday 16/4/03 Shez is just about back to normal. Asking for food, eating well, no more bleeding that I have noticed. She is also frisky and playful and asked Debby to put the pups in a box so she can have a break. She kept on whining and going to the shoe box till Deb put them in then when the pups went to sleep which they do pretty quick in the box, she was happy and then she went outside to Sam to play. The big shoe box is now too small so will get a banana box.

Friday 19/4/03 The pups are growing so fast it is amazing. Got a large foam box for them now and when they hungry they climb out and find mum. She does not seem to feed them as often as I think she should and spends most her time away from them.

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