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Sam Life Story


Chapter 1

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This is the story of Sam

Sam was not intended or planned. Shez was going to be the last, but fate seems to play a hand in events. I moved to Adelaide and 3 neighbors away had got this German Shepherd for a guard dog to try get some piece from her next door neighbor who was throwing stones on the roof and telling her all sorts of stories about child kidnappers and molesters who was after her kids. In reality he was not quit there in the head and it was he who wanted her place for his relations and was upset she had got the place. So he started this scare campaign. In fact he upset every one in close proximity.

Well in the end she had enough and decided to move on to Melbourne and asked if we wanted this Shepherd. I took him on trial. He was very gentle and loving, but aside from sit and down he did nothing else much. We took him to the beach and he was scared of water, did not know what lollies were, nor for that matter meat. He had only eaten dried and been kept in the back yard. 

After the weekend we decided we would keep him. He was 13 months pedigree on the 3rd January 2003. Now he had freedom, variety of foods, car rides, plenty of outings and slept inside. Of course he needed persuasion for all these as it was all so new to him. He was the first dog I know who did not wan even chocolate.

He learnt fast and where before he tried running home, within 2 weeks he no longer was interested in his original owners when they came to see him. After a week he was no longer scared of water but still could not swim. Getting used to the car but still needed encouraging to get in.

Water wise it took him a few visits to the beach before he was no longer scared of the waves. He was also so unfit for a Pup, but his getting better, especially with Shez who never walks. 

I almost named him Floppy because he loves a cuddle and then just flops down on you or leans on you with his big head cuddled into you under your hand or arm or elbow or between your feet.

This story will develop with Sam. As time passes so will new chapters be added.

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