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Shez Life Story


Chapter 1

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This is the story of Shez

Shez was initially to be a friend for Ben. He seemed so lonely without Sheba I decided to get him a companion. I was not sure it would work out as the age difference would be great between them but decided to give it a go.

Shez came from a supposed breeder, but I now have my doubts about that one. She was a little girl who was very cute and a typical pup. She did not want to stay outside or in the bathroom on her own so I brought her to bed with me. Well she pissed in the bed so outside she went, like it or not. Of course now the fly wire on the door was being ripped cause Shez wanted inside, so I replaced it with shade cloth. Now she learnt to slide it open and scratch and cry at the door. Well like it or not she was to stay outside till she learnt to toilet outside.

Ben would try and play ball with her, but she was just too little to understand when he put the ball in her mouth he wanted to tug and war, but she did not respond to that. She only responded when he lay down and then she would jump all over him and pick up the ball and tease him till he came after it then she would drop the ball and run like hell away screaming like she was being murdered. What a wimp she was from the beginning lol.

She was a fast learner though and pretty smart. It was funny to watch her try and get into the 4WD. She was too little but when I put my hand out she would use her head on my hand as a lever and hoist herself up onto the first step, then the next step into the car.

One thing about her. She cannot walk, always runs. When we go for walks she runs ahead, turns around, runs back and the process repeats over and over. She also always has that naughty mischievous look on her dial. 

Swimming was taught at a place called Eneaba Lake which is about 2 1/2 hours North of Perth. This is a popular spot mainly with the locals as most people do not know of its existence. At first she was scared of the water, but I held her and she gained trust pretty quick, then while holding her under her tummy I put her in the water and eventually let her go.

At first she panicked when I let go so I held her again and in no time at all she was swimming on her own and when I held my hand out she would let me hold her under the tummy and stop paddling till I said "Ready, Swim" or "Off you go" and then she would swim on her own. 

Well that changed a few things, now she can swim and was no longer afraid of water she now chased the birds up and down the waters edge and into the water. She carried this on till I said OK lets go girl. She is a tireless critter and very fast. 

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