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Dog Training


Training dogs

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Training Your Dog

Dog training involves Lots of patience and determination. Don't start and then give up. For most people, joining a obedience or training group may be easier, however for those of you wanting to take the plunge on your own then following is some helpful ideas. Methods vary somewhat when training Pups, Full grown, bad habits. We will cover in short all these subjects.

 Puppy Training

Pups are very playful and like children they do not know right from wrong. The earlier training starts the better, of course they must be old enough to understand.

Start off with simple commands. Sit, stay, lie down, yummies is what I use. As a pup they usually don't listen easily, so persistence is needed till they start to respond, then its a big cuddle and good dog each time they listen. You can also give them a little treat each time they listen, but I never did. To make them sit you  kneel in front of them and use the command Sit. Of course they wont at first so you gently push down on their rear near the tail so they take a sitting position. The first few times as soon as you let go they will be up again wagging their little tails so you keep repeating this process until the objective has been reached. Don't try teaching more than one command at a time.

When the Training sessions are over I usually say OFF YOU GO and they run round so exited. Get them used to responding to a command before starting on another command. This could take from a week to two. OFF YOU GO they will come to understand that they are free to do what they want (like end of school bell). Now we have the pup sitting its time to move on to Lie Down.

Back to the kneel in front and give the sit command, once sitting, give the Lie Down Command and while you say this pull their front paws forward so they are lying down. Remember Pups bones are easily broken so you must be very gentle. Repeat this process  with the usual rewards until the objective has been reached .  Eventually you will find you can say lie down without having to first say Sit.

Stay is the hardest one to teach. As soon as you start to walk away they will follow, so this will take you the longest. I usually teach this one in a park so I got space for distance. Before teaching Stay I will get them used to walking with me at heel. As I always had two I Had one on either side and using the lead and collar I first got them to walk with me so each ones head is at each foot. I left just enough lead so they could not go past me or ahead. Then I would walk at different speeds telling them With Me if they tried pulling ahead. When turning I would say Left Or Right just before I turned, then With Me after I turned as they would tend to fall back with my sudden change of direction. As I say with me I gently jerk the leads till they are in line with my feet and pace. Frequently I will say READY...(short pause) STOP and stop dead. Then COME and start walking again. As this process continues I leave more and more lead slack and note their reaction. I also sometimes throw in a SIT after a READY..... STOP.

Once they got the idea I practice this with them till they are fluent. You can tell when they got it as they watch my feet and await my commands for pace and direction. Now I take off the leads and go through the same , changing walking speed and directions and if any fall back or tend to go ahead I say With Me and tap them gently till they are in pace. As always at the end of a session its Off You Go and they have a freedom run around. Sessions are not very long, just long enough for them to do it right. Ok all this has taken a few weeks of constant training at least  three times a week. Now we are ready for Stay.

Stay is as I said the hardest one, especially as I expect them to stay even if they cannot see me. Back at the park and a quick session of Heel then I tell them sit. once sitting I tell them STAY and facing them I walk backwards and each time they start to follow I quickly walk back towards them pointing my finger saying SIT STAY and IF NEEDED put them back into sitting position by pushing on their rears. Eventually when they get this bit right I get them to SIT STAY and walk around them  starting very close and with each round I start to increase the distance. The critters will turn their heads round and watch you as you walk around them. If they start to move remind them  STAY with a pointing finger and harsh voice tone.

Finally you will find that you can walk around them at increasing distance and they will stay, but if  they lose site of you they will come looking. I hid behind a bush and as soon as they started to come I would run towards them shouting STAY with a pointing finger and stern voice tone. Then I would walk them back and repeat the process till eventually they would stay, even when they couldn't see me. then I would call them by COME. and they would come running at full speed. Then its OFF YOU GO.

YUMMIES is the easiest quickest one they will learn, each time you dish up their food or have a treat for them its come get yummies. However they got to sit before they get it and no jumping up for food.

Biting and chewing

Biting and chewing hoses, cords is very normal for a Pup. Teething time is the worst. At least up to the first year you got to put out of reach anything chewable and of value or danger. Especially when left alone. Be guaranteed there will be something you haven't thought of they will find and destroy. Amazing how they chew through mains cord and never get electrocuted. So beware. They will pass through this stage. Digging can take up to two years. The only success I had with digging stopping was using Cyan red hot pepper at all possible spots. Digging though seems more a boredom when alone thing and when very hot a cool space to lay in.

Biting is not a big problem as all you do is scream out OUCH (sometimes you'll mean it ha ha) and they will let go. Some pups though will not let go easily or will continue biting too hard. This is when you also Add a Stern NO (after OUCH) and tap them gently with the finger just above the nose while you say NO biting hard.  If you play fingers (where they hold on to your fingers round their fangs and get pulled) then they soon learn how hard to hold on and when to let go. I used gentle and ouch. If you got small kids though, don't teach them fangs. You will also find that where you persist NO Biting they will soon stop, but in that case they also wont play fangs, even if you try or want them to.

Pups need and adore attention and play. Spend as much time as you can with them. Take them with you every where you can. Watch out for your hand break, mine got chewed.


While a pup and occasionally when older, dogs will poo and wee inside the house. As they get older they will go outside to toilet. Older dogs will only have accidents if they need to go and can't get out, if they scared of the dark, if they old and cant hang on, in their sleep.

To train a Pup you got to be quick, but be prepared its going to happen a few times no matter how vigilant you are. As soon as they start to toilet grab hold of them with a stern verbal NO  OUTSIDE and take them outside. Don't let them back until they finished their business. Some dogs, beleive it or not seem shy, so if you find that they wont toilet while you with them outside and you know they want to then leave them on their own. Before retiring for the night I call out poopies and off they go outside. this is something they will pick up by habit and without particular instruction. Sometimes they get lazy so they will also need a OUT, NOW.


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