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Sheba story


In The beginning There was !!


The Year was 1990.  The new house was just built.  In my area there was only three houses.  A little black dog arrived.  He was a Belgium Sheepdog which later I traced down to find out he had been inbred (Brother + Sister , Bad News that).  He was lost and unhappy, had been chased away by every one.  He had no collar, was in poor shape and turned up and adopted me.  After a week I closed the gate, this boy was not leaving so he could stay.  I named him Knight as I kept tripping over him every night when I went outside.  He was so black I could not see him in the dull light.

He was faithful and loved to do jumping tricks of which I taught him a few.  A few months later I decided to get him a friend.  At the time I was saving German shepherd and collies from destruction in the pound but each of these did not get on with knight as they were jealous when he came to me and wanted to fight poor gentle knight.  

I saw an advertisement for pups and went to see them.  The parents were very large German Shepherds.  Mum had far too many Pups and could not cope.  The males where already gone and there was 8 females to choose from.  I did not want a female, I had never had a female dog what was the difference?  Well I decided to choose one anyway.  I called them to see who would come and that one would be mine, but they all came, wow this is a hard choice how do I choose?  Hmm, there is one little pup who is thinner and smaller than the rest, looks like she may be the runt, she is being pushed out and is in the back, I shall choose her.

I brought her home and started to fatten her up.  She was so tiny she could fit into a shoe box sideways. The shoe box became her first bed.  She was 4 weeks old.  At last though knight had a friend to play with who did not bully him.  And play they did.  Being so much larger than her though he was also a bit too rough, but she kept coming back for more. I named her Sheba


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